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Kalibrasi.com is where businesses meet with testing, inspection, certification, and calibration service providers. Find any service for your business from 100+ certified partner labs.

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Our Featured Services

Explore the services at Kalibrasi.com that have helped hundreds of businesses.
Halal Certification
Gain public’s trust with Halal certification. This service helps you develop end-to-end program to ensure your products meet the Halal standards.
ISO Certification
Elevate your brand trust to internationally recognized ISO certifications with quick process at an affordable cost.t
SNI Certification
Reflect your brand as the top-of-mind among Indonesian people through Standard Nasional Indonesia (SNI) certification.
Water and Waste Test
Test water quality and waste management procedures around your facilities to ensure it meets regulatory standards.
Chemical Analysis
Run chemical tests on your products to meet the substance and nutrition standards according to the Indonesian Food and Drug Authority (BPOM).

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Our Partner Labs

Kalibrasi.com collaborates with certified and accredited partner labs, with decades of experience in their fields.
Reach wider business opportunities with the Kalibrasi.com client network
Collaboration opportunities with new clients from various industries
Exclusive certification to increase the trust of potential clients
PT TUV NORD Indonesia
Complete services ranging from system certification services, testing services, inspection services, and calibration.
Temperature & Humidity
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PT Dinamika Kalibrasi Indonesia
Serving all users from government, industry and other private sectors.
Time & Frequency
Temperature & Humidity
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PT Qualis Indonesia
Key competencies in laboratory testing, ISO 9001 and SNI product quality management certification, calibration and inspection.
Temperature & Humidity
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PT Kaliman
Serving calibration services, training both in the form of in-house and on the job training for industrial purposes.
Temperature & Humidity
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PT Darya Harja Sentosa
A medical device calibration laboratory that has collaborated with hundreds of public and private health facilities.
Time & Frequency
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Frequently asked questions to make it easier for you to understand our Kalibrasi.com service.
What is Kalibrasi.com?

Kalibrasi.com is a platform that brings together businesses with service providers related to testing, inspection, certification, and calibration processes that meet national standards.

Can I get a consultation before choosing a service?

Of course. The Kalibrasi.com team can help you find the right service or lab via the contact form on this page.

What is the process of joining as a lab partner Kalibrasi.com?

You can join as a lab partner Kalibrasi.com by visiting the Lab Partner page .

Do Kalibrasi.com lab partners have good competence?

Of course. All lab partners are certified by the National Accreditation Committee (KAN), so they meet the industry's quality standards.